The Preys-World Health & Well-Being Thread

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Re: The Preys-World Health & Well-Being Thread

Postby Tichinde » Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:16 pm

BoggyB wrote:Does anyone else who's lost a load of weight ever forget they've done it?

Mentally I still think of myself as a fat bloke, which I am to an extent but you know what I mean, and I get really self conscious when wandering around in a t-shirt because it still feels to me like I've got a huge gut sticking out. I'm hoping that figures itself out soon.

Guess I had the opposite. Never thought I was fat, quite clearly was. Still don't think I'm fat and I guess I'm not so fat anymore but don't think I'm thin by any stretch. Must admit I do catch myself in the bathroom mirror and wonder where the hell my mind was that I wasn't physically aware of my own bulk.

Odd stuff.
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Re: The Preys-World Health & Well-Being Thread

Postby Rossell » Sun Apr 15, 2018 6:39 pm

To be honest Boggy I suffer the same. I saw a picture of myself from 2014 when I was terrible and it was an utter shocker compared to now. Unfortunately for me, a lot of weight goes on my face and I have a double chin and generally looks awful. Managed to reduce it quite well but I'd have to starve myself to get rid of it completely. Oh well, one of life's curveballs.


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