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Re: High Street Woes

Postby Jez » Thu Mar 01, 2018 3:37 pm

Sly Boots wrote:
Snowy wrote:
Achtung Englander wrote:
Snowy wrote:We have the same issue in Fleet. It is only a little town, but the business rates are exorbitant, especially our shopping centre (or mall if you prefer the American vernacular). The result is that half the centre is empty, just boarded up shops.

You would think that common sense would prevail and they would reduce the rates in order to get more businesses setting up there, but it has been like that since it opened back in the 80s so I guess not!

I live up the road from you. I am in Wokingham

You will have to come along next time Sly and I meet up for a pint (he is in Basingstoke) 8)

Deffo! Was thinking about this just the other day, funnily enough.

Jez has also said as another localish lad he's up for it, though by the sound of it it probably won't be for the next four months at least :lol:

Im not rightly local to you lot - i just tend to have work now and then down portsmouth way.

One day we'll do a meet thing.


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