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Re: Really Boring - Pensions

Postby elgaucho » Wed Oct 21, 2015 11:17 am

Sorry - Bank of England - you're correct. Spend some time outside the country and you start mixing all the terms... shame on me! :oops:

But I think you hit on exactly my point - apartment living can be incredible. You could even convert the existing apartments to be larger spaces - but the prices (if you consider how much one unit goes for) would be astronomical on the current scale.

What's needed is more space at a comparative cost to a house so it's actually a competitive decision. Developers would rather have more units that they can sell at current prices as it gets them more money.

The other thing that needs addressing is sound proofing - last time I lived in a flat I could still hear far more than I would have liked! :shock:
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Re: Really Boring - Pensions

Postby katarn » Wed Oct 21, 2015 12:41 pm

I spent brief time in apartments in both Australia and the US - the difference in soundproofing to flats in the UK is huge. At least in the ones I stayed in (and they weren't even posh apartments).

It's almost as if they care about quality of living for people who will stay there, compared to flimsy shoebox designs over here.

I guess some of the high end purpose-built apartments in London will have similar standards of soundproofing, but on the whole in the UK I pray I never have to live in a flat again in my lifetime.


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