Terry Pratchett has died

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Re: Terry Pratchett has died

Postby BoggyB » Mon Mar 26, 2018 4:28 pm

STuG wrote:I never got around to reading his last published work even though it sits on my shelf. As long as I don't I will always have a 'new' Pratchett work, whole and complete in my world.

Maybe, just maybe, I will read it one day...but for now it still isn't that time. Plenty of joy to be had from re-reading his other gems.

I've had the same sort of problem, not wanting to read the last one, which is a bit weird for me since I generally avoid getting all emotional.

When the weather warms up properly I'm going to drive the camper out somewhere scenic and stay there until I've finished it though. He went to the effort of writing it to be enjoyed, after all.
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