Videodeck (youtube manager thingy)

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Videodeck (youtube manager thingy)

Postby eVoL » Mon Mar 09, 2015 5:56 pm

This is something everyone probably already has their own version of ages ago and I'm late to the party but this is excellent! Ive never got on with youtube because its so bloody hard to keep up with what content youve watched, whats new, whats spam in a channel youve subbed to etc... Hate the youtube interface with a passion.

This lovely thing makes it more like a podcast meets plex interface. You can have it show the latest x number of videos from a channel you sub to or a playlist within that channel (eg I sub to cross counter but I only ever want to watch the Excellent Adventures videos, now I can have only those show up). You can also make it not show any video youve watched so everything becomes much more manageable.

Theres a banner ad at the bottom and a limit on custom lists which are removed for $10 a year or $1 a month. I think I might pay :o
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