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Re: Good small form factor PCs

PostPosted: Sat Nov 21, 2015 1:07 pm
by Rossell
When I say form factor I mean "something smaller than an ATX case" kind of thing. I wanna replace the ol girl who will be 6 years in February and has started to develop issues such as deciding to throw all its fans onto maximum setting and chucks the display off. Don't really want it for proper high end gaming but I just want something up to date that could handle some of the more modern shooters.

I've investigated this Cyberpower Zeus Mini deal here ... /zeusmini/ and I'm intruiged by the sub-grand model (without the Extreme overclocking, because thats just a recipe for customer services in my book. These days I don't really find it necessary). I have heard some great things about Cyberpower and some bad things. If you guys know what the best deal to go for is (and if Liquid cooling really is the way to go), lemme know :D

Re: Re: Good small form factor PCs

PostPosted: Sat Nov 21, 2015 1:12 pm
by Mantis
Cyberpower are good if you haven't got a clue what you're doing with a self build. I'd almost always recommend learning the ropes yourself though as it doesn't take a great deal of effort and you'd save the 100-150 quid cost that Cyberpower add on for building it for you.

Also, I find a certain extra satisfaction out of knowing that the PC I use every day was put together by myself.

In terms of small factor parts I'm not especially clued up, though I'm pretty sure that AMD released a tiny GPU fairly recently that was well received.

Re: Re: Good small form factor PCs

PostPosted: Sat Nov 21, 2015 1:44 pm
by Subway Diet
While there's convenience in buying a prebuilt machine, there's nothing quite like doing it yourself. And, as Mantis points out, you save a bit as well.

There's a market out there for low profile computer parts. All it really means is that the radical huge fins on the RAM chips have been filed down. I'd guess the biggest challenge would be finding a means to laying the GPU out so that it's not taking all the headroom. I'm not sure if those are custom built for companies, or if they're available for self building. Will investigate, even if only for my own curiosity. [edit]Yeah, plenty of extension cables and raiser cards out there. Good to know![/edit]

Can't speak for water cooling, though. Sounds fun and a little dangerous, but supposedly they sell self-contained kits now are a far cry from the old nightmare looking set ups of years past.

Re: Good small form factor PCs

PostPosted: Sat Nov 21, 2015 8:43 pm
by Rossell
Yeah. I'm not totally sold on water cooling etc based on some of the stuff you used to see back in the day. Personally this would only be my second system in 20 years that wasn't custom built, and I'm kinda thinking of convenience 'cos I got enough stress in ones life without worrying what port I stuck my cable into. I probs won't be seriously buying until next year (surprise coming from me) but good to get back into the knowledge of whats ticking.

Whats the best Geforce cards to go for these days?

Re: Re: Good small form factor PCs

PostPosted: Sun Nov 22, 2015 8:14 am
by Subway Diet
Haha. Well, I'd suggest building your own if only to have a system that's not covered in neon green nonsense. :P
I've been reading more about the cooling and, honestly, it seems like these new kits are alright. Supposedly lasting a few years before needing refreshed and what not. I might actually look into one, assuming the fan on the radiator is quiet.

The GTX 970 is widely considered the best money to performance ratio by most benchmarking sights I've seen, for whatever that's worth.
That said, I let these guys talk me into buying a 970, only for them to immediately afterwards start singing praise about how amazing the 980ti is. :o

Re: Re: Good small form factor PCs

PostPosted: Sun Nov 22, 2015 9:57 am
by Rusty
Does having water cooling mean you can't lay this thing n it's side? I can see this sitting under my monitor but obviously not upright, especially as the DVD/Blu ray port will then seem the right way round :)