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The Gaming Hour Glass - May 2017

PostPosted: Wed May 10, 2017 7:01 am
by Prey

With so much happening in the world of gaming month to month there's a lot of topical debate that can slip through both our fingers and our minds as we attempt to digest as much of what is happening as we possibly can. The Gaming Hour Glass is our chance to take control and slow down the sands of time so that we can openly discuss what we feel are the months most noteworthy topics that we just didn't get round to sharing our current thoughts on any place else. The way these topics are measured is simple...

[MONTH]The Sands of Fine - Filled to the brim with gaming goodness this is where everything that you believe has had a positive effect on the industry is as such rightfully stored for the month. The more who are made aware of this news the better. This can also be something that you just thought was fun and you wished to share.

[MONTH]The Sands of Crime - The tiny grains of time have quickly been degenerating and so this half covers everything else that you feel has had a negative effect on the industry this month. Things you would rather not have happened or would rather quickly forget about. If it's something so downright laughable then all the better.

The mighty Hour Glass thanks you all for you own time.

Re: The Gaming Hour Glass - May 2017

PostPosted: Wed May 10, 2017 9:51 am
by Prey
[May's Sands of Fine]

FarCry Redemption -

For anyone who has played the excellent Call of Juarez games especially Gunslinger you will know just how well the Western based theme fits in to a first person shooter dynamic. If this current rumour turns out to be true and more and more signs are showing that it will just image for a moment in first person view mode standing outside a smokey Saloon then your gloved hands opening up the doors and entering inside and approaching the bar, ordering a drink while being eyed up by a particularly loose looking woman who wishes only to take you upstairs and ride you into the sunset for the price of a few crumpled dollars. Upon finally leaving the room upstairs then sitting down at a table and playing a game of cards only for the guy who has been eyeing you up all through to suddenly stand up brandishing a gun as a mass shoot out erupts. Running out of the bar climbing on a horse and riding out of town all the while being chased by a gang and having a shoot on while on horseback across wild open plains. Suddenly on a ridge above a group of Sioux Indians open fire on the gang taking them all down as you slow your horse only to watch as one of them scalps one of your pursuers then lets out a cold blooded Indian cry as you quickly ride off to safety looking for some place to set up camp for the night. The moon glimmers above, the sound of hungry wolves can be heard in the distance.

It could even involve you owning your very own ranch and having to drive cattle cross country. How about taking on the job of a local Sheriff being able to recruit deputies and serving to protect a small town from bandits together? How about prospecting? The possibilities compared to the FarCry's of the past are positively boundless.

This is but a fraction of what I envision a FarCry set in the Wild West could be like. This is the kind of thing that taking FarCry in this direction could create all because of the type of setting and just how varied an experience it could be. I hope to god it is. I even got myself a a little bit excited typing up those various scenarios.

[May's Sands of Crime]

Prey For Sales -

As much as I can evidently see folk enjoying the hell out of Prey I think it's fairly easy to see that it hasn't had the reception Bethesda were no doubt hoping for. Only a handful of people on my Steam friends list even own it and I myself somewhat shamefully have little interest in playing it instead opting to just fire up Bioshock Remastered instead. I myself fully blame Bethesda and the terrible launch of what should have been a contender for game of the year, Dishonored 2. While the game may well run well for many now we're talking a good 6 months having had to pass to even make that possible and nobody wants to wait that long to enjoy their new game when it should have been resolved prior to or at least just beyond post launch. The trust for PC Gamers especially has very much been hit hard and if Prey fails as I sadly expect it may then Bethesda only have themselves to blame for allowing one of this years stand out games to be so sorely overlooked.

That may sound like I whole heartedly full on wish Prey to fail, that actually couldn't be further from the truth. Arkane are an extremely talented bunch and after the disappointing Dishonored 2 I'm certain even they are no longer feeling as stable as they perhaps once did. We all know what they are capable of but then we also know what can happen to even the most talented studio when a publisher demands they release on time, on their time scale. Not the studios. Ever since Dark Messiah I have always wished for them to go from strength to strength and they very much have. I just hope the twisted tale that was Dishonored 2 and a very slow uptake and some middling reviews with Prey don't see the studio changed in any way.

There hasn't been a day gone pby over the last week I've not hovered over the buy button over on CD KEY'S but now even with it sitting at a very reasonable £24.99 something is still preventing me from going all in. I know I very much wish to play it. I know I'd no doubt enjoy the crap out of it. I just can't for the life of me make myself buy it and for everything I've said that internal struggle very much frustrates me right now.

If only Bethesda had the foresight to release a PC demo...

Re: The Gaming Hour Glass - May 2017

PostPosted: Fri May 12, 2017 6:03 pm
by Sly Boots
If Prey (the game) is already available for almost half the launch price, it does indicate sales were not what they hoped. I shall probably get it, although with free Dungeons 2, cheap Alan Wake arriving tomorrow and Homefront 2 which I've still barely touched (30 mins in, just finished the intro really), I'm happy to wait until it comes down even further - which I've no doubt it will a couple of months down the line.

However, I'm not quite sure why Prey (the forum overlord) is refusing to buy it from what he's written - is it a form of protest against Bethesda?

If sales continue to be underwhelming for their games, I wonder how long before they reverse their decision to not send out pre-launch review copies? I'd imagine a bit of buzz before their games come out would boost sales, and most of what they publish seems to be pretty good?

Re: The Gaming Hour Glass - May 2017

PostPosted: Fri May 12, 2017 6:06 pm
by Mantis
Prey is £24.99 on CDKeys but it was only £27.99 when it launched so the price really hasn't plummeted by any means.

That's the game I'm talking about. We all know that Dave-Prey is far cheaper.

Re: The Gaming Hour Glass - May 2017

PostPosted: Fri May 12, 2017 6:08 pm
by Sly Boots
Mantis wrote:Prey is £24.99 on CDKeys but it was only £27.99 when it launched so the price really hasn't plummeted by any means.

That's the game I'm talking about. We all know that Dave-Prey is far cheaper.

Fair enough, was going by the full price listed on CD Keys (£45). However, it's been out, what, a week? and it's already going down, so wouldn't be surprised if it's lower still in a couple of months time. If it hits £20 I'll probably jump in.

Re: The Gaming Hour Glass - May 2017

PostPosted: Fri May 12, 2017 6:38 pm
by Prey
There's only one reason I can think of as to why I've not bought Prey yet is that I'm just too wrapped up right now in two other shooters, Homefront 2 and the recently started Bioshock Remake. One other major factor though has to be Mass Effect: Andromeda as that is the one true game release I had been waiting for all this time and it's still yet to move below the £33 mark. The problem is I held off buying DA: Inquisition and ended up paying something like £12 for it then poured well over a hundred hours into it in total. I doubt an ME game will drop that sharply however.

The fact I'm a completely pussy and shat myself playing scary shooters has little or nothing to do with it. -_-