The Games that Gamers Forgot 2016

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The Games that Gamers Forgot 2016

Postby Prey » Wed Dec 21, 2016 11:48 pm

Let us discuss some of the games that the masses simply ignored this year shall we?

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

The games community at large never stopped asking EA for a sequel to Mirror’s Edge. EA never quite had a solid answer for those demands, but always maintained that it hadn’t forgotten the series.

Years later, after many delays and uncertainty, EA actually shipped a sequel. It was a soft reboot, called Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, that generated little buzz and even less memories. It’s interesting that so much noise was made for a sequel that the fans never really embraced.

Perhaps it’s because most of Mirror’s Edge’s innovations in character movement have since found their way into almost every shooter. The game was robbed of what made it special long before it came out. Or perhaps the diluted open-world nature of Catalyst just didn’t have enough points of interest. Maybe people are officially sick of open-world games. ... t-in-2016/

I would like to add Recore to the list of this years most forgotten games. It sold less than 50k apparently which is a shame as although it is a little rough around the edges it's actually an extremely enjoyable little game. Battlerborn has to be my second mention. It's as if it could go wrong it did for wrong for Gearboxes latest which was highly surprising given their continued Borderlands success.

Quantum Break just never appealed to me for some reason. Feel free to add your own additions.
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Re: The Games that Gamers Forgot 2016

Postby Edwin » Thu Dec 22, 2016 1:01 am

Most of the games in that list were just average at best. They were forgotten because some pretty big games came out this year in between the hype of all the usual annual releases.
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Re: The Games that Gamers Forgot 2016

Postby eVoL » Thu Dec 22, 2016 2:12 am

They made Mirrors a dumb open world shitfest, it's best forgotten.

N++ on steam was this year though!

Trackmania Turbo too.
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