Codemasters Acquire Driveclub dev Evolution Studios

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Codemasters Acquire Driveclub dev Evolution Studios

Postby Prey » Mon Apr 11, 2016 10:55 am

Today, Codemasters has stepped in with an unprecedented deal to keep the team together and working on new projects, bringing Evolution Studios as a whole into the fold and making it a part of the Codemasters family. Most of the staff, including co-founder Mick Hocking, will be joining Codemasters as a separate team, working together from the same offices to produce brand new IP for the British racing specialist. Previous IP remains in the hands of Sony, but Hocking and his team will, essentially, continue Evolution Studios' work under new ownership.

"We want the team to remain to remain the team that they are," Codemasters CEO Frank Sagnier told "We want to benefit from everything that they've learned as a team together, we want them to create their own games. Of course there will be synergies, of course we will share stuff, but we would like to make sure they retain their identity and stay together as a team to do what they're good at. What we don't want to do is bring in a team of 50 people and start having some work on one game and some on another, on existing IP. The whole point is to keep their DNA and build a new game." ... of-product

Excellent news. As if Codies weren't already at the top of their game driving genre wise with Dirt Rally now they have teamed up with a studio who made what is considered one of the best rally/racing titles on the PS2 console namely the World Rally Championship series as well as Driveclub on PS4 which was said to be improving leaps and bounds before they were shuttered. Oh and let's not forget a little game called Motorstorm.

Expect great things from this now joint power house in the future.
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