Games I'm Playing 2: Playing Harder

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Re: Games I'm Playing 2: Playing Harder

Postby Prey » Thu Jun 22, 2017 10:17 am

Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo

While everyone else is playing and might I add moaning about how unimpressive Dirt 4 looks compared to Dirt Rally I'm having fun playing the largely ignored first rally outing based on world champion Sébastien Loeb. The game was developed by long term hit and miss Milestone who made Screamer Rally and I can say with firm conviction that it is the best game they have made to date. Aside from the game having no in-game graphical options everything else delivers precisely what I want from a rally title. Loads of extremely well designed and challenging tracks. Lots of cars including my go to Ford Focus WRC 2001 and above all else a fantastic push yourself every inch of the way realistic handling model. The game even gives you the option of having your own designated driver and co-driver on the side window with which I obviously went with McRae and Grist. The best thing has to be the TV style replays though something that has always irked me with other rally games that insist on continuously switching to wheel cams, side cams, roof cams, fucking interior dash cams when all you want to see is you power sliding your barely holding together rally car around a corner in the mud as the roaring engine digs in deep. SLRE keeps it simple and gives you the best possible shot of your car and nothing else besides. Magic.

If you are a rally fan like myself and are considering buying Dirt 4 I strongly urge you to give this a try first as it only cost me something like £4 from Instant Gaming.

edit: £4.03 pence to be exact - ... allkeyshop

Star Wars: Battlefront

I'd avoided this game for what felt like an eternity but then right as EA were showcasing the vastly superior looking Battlefront II they slapped the price for the Ultimate Edition of the original down to just £8, that includes the base game and the entire season pass content. At first I was feeling a bit smug having bought it all for such a price when people had paid in excess of £50 at one point for it all. It started well with me geeking out a bit over playing as Vader as the game continued to download in the background deflecting rebel fire with my lightsaber. And then I played my first few matches. Oh god. Immediate flashbacks to why I detested the beta so much hit me like a Vader choke hold, those spawning points, that clunky gameplay, those watered down map sizes, that instant high level of frustration and why the fuck am I playing this???

At least the sequel looks like shaping up to be an actual Battlefront game and not whatever the hell this was intended to be. All flash and no substance. The regret it strong in this one. Yep even at just £8.
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Re: Games I'm Playing 2: Playing Harder

Postby Edwin » Sun Jul 02, 2017 3:19 pm

Wolfenstein The Old Blood
I haven't played the full game for a while but I don't remember it being so easy. Was The New Order also a string of arenas to battle/sprint through? 3/4 of the game is pretty good, it falls apart at the end though with the occult stuff and having to find a key to get this gate:

Even if BJ is too swole to fit through the hole he should be able to climb the built in ladder beside the gate, or is that just something those sneaky nazis would do?
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