Games I'm Playing 2: Playing Harder

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Re: Games I'm Playing 2: Playing Harder

Postby Eny » Wed Apr 04, 2018 4:21 pm

Anyone ever notice this whilst playing Prey:

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Re: Games I'm Playing 2: Playing Harder

Postby Jez » Wed Apr 04, 2018 4:58 pm

Nope not seen that before now. Interesting though.

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Re: Games I'm Playing 2: Playing Harder

Postby Solitaire » Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:42 pm

Noticed just yesterday on steam that TRON 2.0 was patched last year, so it runs in W10. Couldn't resist - started it up. Such a great game. It's so cute how it tells me I need a Pentium 4 for advanced graphics :D Even the parts that in some other game would annoy the crap out of me, like the platforming sections, I really just don't mind at all.

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Re: Games I'm Playing 2: Playing Harder

Postby Raid » Thu Apr 05, 2018 4:19 pm

Solitaire wrote: TRON 2.0 was patched last year, so it runs in W10.

Huh. That's 15 years old now, bit of an odd choice for a W10 update. I think it's one I'd have to leave as a pleasant memory, largely because I'm not convinced it'll stand up to modern titles, and partially because I both no longer have the DVD or in fact a DVD drive to actually put it in.

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Re: Games I'm Playing 2: Playing Harder

Postby Lee » Sun Apr 08, 2018 2:15 am

I'm playing Subterrain at the moment (got it from a humble bundle I think) and the game has so far really grabbed me into it. Survive against an infection on a Mars research base and have to check on a lot of stats to makes sure you're not dying from thirst,hunger, thermal temps, oxygen etc. All the while researching stuff you find and improving yourself against weird ass aliens/mutants.

Having to set up productions to keep a influx of raw materials so you can craft more stuff. Manage power levels to not cause a meltdown and I think there is swarms of mutants/aliens that you have to defend against destroying your equipment at some point. not encountered that at all just some of them in the various areas but you have a nice selection of weapons to fight them at range or in melee range.

Only 5 hours in so far but really digging the journals you can find, top down view with line of sight.
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Re: Games I'm Playing 2: Playing Harder

Postby Solitaire » Sun Apr 08, 2018 1:17 pm

Hey there Raid :) Honestly, I'm enjoying the game play in TRON 2.0 just as much as the first few times. Yeah, the cut scenes don't look so great anymore, but the RPG-style elements and really the whole premise still pulls me right back in. The nods to geeky tech language are nostalgic and well placed, woven into the game convincingly. All the things that made it great back then are still right up front, in my opinion. I think it plays better than many modern titles, honestly. I'm so sick of being a bullet sponge/unstoppable in so many games (looking at you, CoD series). Also, the disk is one of the best weapons in a game, period. I've got in on steam. I'd added my CD key there ages ago.

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Re: Games I'm Playing 2: Playing Harder

Postby Subway Diet » Mon Apr 09, 2018 5:21 pm

Certainly have fonder memories of it that the other Tron sequel.
I wonder if there's a patch for retail versions?

Oh, and what have I been playing of late?

Gotten into the arcade side of Far Cry 5. Turns out it's actually pretty fun playing broken, half-assed maps made by the community. A good palate cleanser after doing one of the open world areas in the main games.

And, more embarrassingly, been checking out this visual novel called A Pirate's Fate.

So, furry pirate adventure story, so far, so good.
Hunting for magic coins. Nothing out of the ordinary.
Said coins have so far caused the main character to gain weight, twice, from the power of kindness. Caused another character to take on the characteristics of a fertility goddess, and another to become exaggeratedly muscular. Huh.

When I last left, the characters had arrived at a pie shop that was suspected of selling enchanted deserts, the owner of which I immediately recognised as the fursona of a BBW art enthusiast. Oh, are we really going there?

Furry Fetish Fuel. Knowingly and unashamedly. Never thought I'd see the day I'd be buying it on Steam. I honestly thought it was just going to be a high-seas choose-your-own-adventure jaunt.

Oh, and it's been pretty fun so far and the art is good if, you know, you're into fat furs and all that. :-k

Edit: It feels like I should delete this post, but also feels like I'm overdue for talking a little too openly about my daft interests. So, whatever. It shall hang here awkwardly for as long as it takes.
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Re: Games I'm Playing 2: Playing Harder

Postby Sly Boots » Mon Apr 16, 2018 1:37 pm

Very late to the party with this one, but over the past few days I've been enjoying myself immensely with The Banner Saga

Has been sitting in my Steam library for a long time, staring at me accusingly. I've always meant to play it, but aside from playing the first hour, a couple of years had flown by without me doing so.

Decided the start again - part of the reason I've been deflecting is that I didn't initially get on with the combat system (I'm not sure why) and had entirely forgotten what I'd been taught in any case.

And I'm glad I did. The story is very well told and suitably bleak, and while I'm sure there's a fair degree of choice being an illusion for the most part (a la Telltale), it does at least feel like I'm making them. And making them poorly, it must be said :lol:

The combat remains challenging without being too punishing (I'll generally end a fight with a couple of injured party members, but no party wipes as yet), though I'm not sure whether it's just tactically lacking or I haven't worked out the right strategies yet. It feels like there needs to be some kind of system to get enemies to stick to you a bit more (perhaps like the D&D attack of opportunity), as it's a bit annoying when fighters waltz through a one-square gap in your wall of melee fighters to gank the archer crouching behind.

But in any case, very good game, enjoying very much and shall be picking up the sequel/s at some point I'm sure.
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Re: Games I'm Playing 2: Playing Harder

Postby eVoL » Sun Apr 22, 2018 9:45 am

On a whim I bought Breath Of The Wild.
Have I mentioned how much I hate the joycons before? :mrgreen: That's really been compounded now! Maaaan theyre dogshit! Game seems ok so far, I like the climbing at least.

Its Civ distilled right down to its bare bones and it works really well. Its almost an amalgamation of Civ and Advance Wars. Its IOS (probably droid) and works fine on a phone screen. Its fun and its almost completely free. They give you 4 tribes and the rest are 99p each but it doesnt seem theres much of a difference other than art style and starting tech so no real need to pay in any money. Its fun! Give it a go!
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