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Re: What's On The Box At Christmas 2017

Postby Nethlyn » Mon Jan 01, 2018 11:14 pm

For Tuesday and Wednesday 2nd-3rd January see previous page


EastEnders, 7.30pm None tomorrow due to footy

22 Jump Street, ITV2, 9pm-11.15pm Find out for free etc

****Heist, Sony Movies Freeview 32, 11.05pm-1.25am****

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Re: What's On The Box At Christmas 2017

Postby Nethlyn » Wed Jan 03, 2018 10:54 am


Attenborough and The Ants, BBC2, 7pm

FA Cup BBC1 7.30pm (assumed 8pm KO) to 10pm

The Beatles Eight Days A Week Doc, CH4, 9pm

Goodfellas, ITV4, 10pm-00.55am

The Bourne Legacy, CH4, 11.10pm-1.40am

and that's the end of the Christmas double guide.

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Re: What's On The Box At Christmas 2017

Postby Nethlyn » Mon Jan 08, 2018 1:06 am

Visit http://www.netflix.com or http://www.amazon.co.uk/prime for the big two streaming subscription TV services

Visit http://www.tvguide.co.uk for a non-account-based online guide (live watching not tested)

or visit http://www.radiotimes.com for Monday to Friday and for extended details on sports and other big events, sign-in required for your own channel listings, each channel site below, have their own listings

Visit http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer to rewind 99% of shows live within two hours or watch BBC programmes for 30 days (some films still 7 days depending on rights), choose the download option to watch for 30 days after download and then 7 days to watch from first play of a downloaded programme. BBC ID account needed to sign in to watch from 2017.

Jimbojeff85 wrote:
ITV and Channel 4 both also have applications where you can stream/download content if you miss it. I've used both and can vouch for them being reasonable quality video/sound.

ITV Hub - http://www.itv.com/hub then search or click the name of the show now including Seth MacFarlane main cartoons - homegrown progs available to watch for 30 days

All4- http://www.channel4.com/ - progs available for between 1wk and 1month when new (30 days on 360 from Dec 11), otherwise randomly archived if American and long term archived if made by CH4 but now you need to sign in to watch anything. http://www.channel4.com/news to go right there as a split-off with all the reports to make up the hour, split up into shorter videos. As of 2017 All 4 doesn't seem to be always-on SSL, only when signing in.

And selected CH4 shows at http://www.youtube.com as well

My5 formerly Demand Five

https://www.my5.tv - as of Oct 14 99% of imports can be seen through the console app for 7 to 30 days, home-grown 5 shows for up to a year (eg Suspects) and will default to HD depending on connection, now most big imports are on the 360 app. Most of the time now (2017/18) you need to sign in to watch. The Gadget Show still has its own site; http://www.channel5.com/show/the-gadget-show

Sky Player for dish people and 360 Owners or Sky Store (same account for Sky Store and NOW TV)

http://go.sky.com or https://www.skystore.com/ or http://www.nowtv.com/

Freeview channel catchup through Xbox One requires Live Gold subscription depending on who it is, doesn't apply to BBC

ADs on non-BBC Online Players - only Five lets you skip breaks depending on the show - Fast forwarding on ITV/CH4 normally causes an ad to play. When watching normally you can skip ads after you let them play once (shown by dots).

CH1-5/4+1/4Seven are all 1080i HD unless local news/archive through Freeview HD, ITV 2/3/4/Encore, & E4 HD through cable/satellite only. Sky assumed to have HD options for most channels except archive - BBC News Channel, Community and Al-Jazeera News have HD versions from since Dec 13 and RT since late 2015, PBS, 5USA+1, CBS Reality+1 and More4+1 also require Freeview HD as of 2017

Sporting times in brackets are the (kick-off time).

Other catchup services all seem to stream the same kind of thing from the Big Five. A PC lets you use everyone's players and access everything on offer for free compared to Xbox 360 or other device otherwise there's the USB gang with Roku, Chrome and Amazon FireTV all of which are wireless only, NOW TV from Sky has no contract and various deals through the year but starts from £10.

Here's to another year but from 2018 it's really a question of bookmarking to stream whatever I've missed. Check your own EPGs and post in with anything big that pops up and others might have missed, or I'll try to quote from the Good TV spamthread.

And continuing personal Thanks to Jimbojeff85 for basically doing half the work on this post 13 years ago and I've only had to update it, it really is a team effort on this forum and thanks to everyone that posts in as now I'm just too busy to follow everything on screen the way I used to.

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Re: What's On The Box 2018

Postby Jez » Mon Jan 08, 2018 7:41 am

Cheer Neth =D>


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