Blade Runner 2049

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Re: Blade Runner 2049

Postby Subway Diet » Tue Oct 10, 2017 5:20 pm

katarn wrote:
Subway Diet wrote: Just that the onset of motion sickness and a panic attack that distracted me. :(

Is it the depth of detail that caused the motion sickness? Or just being in the cinema itself?

I've read of there being an increase in cases of vertigo with modern cinema goers, due to digital films cramming in endless detail at varying distances (that and 3D obviously). For some people, the eye just can't find a focal point or something.
Won't deny that I'm prone to that kind of thing. Like, games with small FOV or floaty camera movement do my head in.

But yeah, it was a smaller screen, though I ended up sitting a little too close and off to the side. Not sure what exactly did it, I'd wager it was seeing the flying shots at a weird, too-close angle that set things off. Could feel my equilibrium going every time there was a long pan over the cityscape.
This being a Blade Runner film, there was quite a few of those!

Funny. I survived the boats and air combat of Dunkirk just fine. 8-[

(For the record, I started feeling massively shitty. Don't want anyone thinking that I ran off just because of a mild little headache.)

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Re: Blade Runner 2049

Postby Mantis » Tue Oct 10, 2017 7:52 pm

£17.50 for a 3D IMAX ticket at our local cinema now! I'm sure that's about £4 more expensive than when I went to see Rogue One at Christmas.

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Re: Blade Runner 2049

Postby Quietman » Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:45 pm

Booked tickets for myself and four friends for the midnight showing at our local IMAX. Can't wait :D
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Re: Blade Runner 2049

Postby Achtung Englander » Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:47 am

listening to the OST on Spotify the music is just a too much like the OST of Arrival. Even though they are differing composers, the 80s electronic vibe of Vangelis is replaced by a modern soundtrack, which does sound magical and has hints of Vangelis, but imo not one I would revisit often as I would the score of Blade Runner.
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Re: Blade Runner 2049

Postby Mantis » Fri Oct 13, 2017 10:52 pm

That was a very different movie to the original. Overall I'd say it stands alone fairly well and has a pretty different vibe. The claustrophobic gritty noir isn't really there in the same way, though it is visually absolutely stunning and really has a lot of atmosphere. Overall though the version of the future presented here did feel more Ghost in the Shell than Blade Runner.

I think it was a much more straight forward movie too, less of a subtext running through like the original had, which is kind of to be expected when you consider how this sequel was sort of tacked on so many years later.

Overall agree with Achtung's review. Jared Leto and his assistant didn't really feel very well fleshed out at all. But the plot is still very strong, if totally unambiguous. And the Gaff cameo was very much appreciated.

I also quite liked the soundtrack. Pretty much the only reason I went to see it in 3D IMAX was to hear it over their sound system. It's no Vangelis but it was still very good, the booming synth bass lent itself well to the visuals. It had a much more modern edge to it though, certainly no jazz like in the original.

So yes, definitely a great movie, really quite a fantastic experience. It's biggest failing I think is that it doesn't really have the same feeling the original had, but that doesn't necessarily impact on the quality of the movie on its own merit.

Very glad I went to see it on the big screen. That was my first cinema trip this year.


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