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Re: Game of Thrones

Postby Sly Boots » Sun Oct 01, 2017 11:00 pm

Yay, I can finally read this thread :D :lol:

Needless to say I agree with you all. Overall enjoyed the season but the teleporting characters in particular had me beating my head against my desk at points, also the ill-conceived sortie beyond the Wall (like some of you guys as they were doing it I was saying why not just wait for the guy the bear killed to come back, and it does happen, that's why at one point, possibly when Thoros dies, Jon says they have to burn the body).

Oh, but the wights don't shatter when the dragonglass gets then, but the White Walkers do. It just stops the wights from rising up again, like in the Dragonpits. I could see one of them fighting with a dragonglass axe, plus the knives, plus Jon's sword being Valyrian steel, and Beric's burning sword. They pretty much all were using weapons that would drop the wights.
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