UFC 60

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UFC 60

Postby threelions » Sun May 28, 2006 12:29 am


For the one or two of us here that watch this its UFC 60 tonight(Sunday if you dont have dodgy net sites).

Its Past Vs Present as original UFC champion Royce Gracie takes on current welter weight champ Matt Hughes.

Royce Gracie who was undefeated in the UFC back in the days when it was still no rules. He took on guys like Ken Shamrock, Sevren and Kimo. Men who out weighed him by a 100 pounds at times and always came out the winner.

Since he left the UFC he has competed in Japan where he has won and lost in what some have called freak show events.

Matt Hughes. The good ol boy. Starting out as a top wrestler without much else he fell victim to submissions early on in his UFC career but added both striking and submissions to his game while training with the other six world champions at the Militech(sp?) camp. Since winning his Welterweight title he has taken on all comers losing only to "The Prodigy" BJ Penn.

The big question is how far has MMA moved on since the old days of no hold barred combat? Todays competitors are true atheletes compared to the weekend warriors of the past, but Royce Gracie was always above those he compited against.

Can the originator of the UFC beat the modern day champ?

Hughes is naturally smaller than Gracie but they will meet in a non title catch weight fight at 180 rather than Hughes normal 170 pound weight class.
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