DC Comics: The New 52

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DC Comics: The New 52

Postby Nethlyn » Fri Sep 02, 2011 2:19 pm

In keeping with the forum getting streamlined, DC Comics have done the same, whatever number these comics reached before, everything's back to #1;


All very interesting, but thanks to the internet I can look up whatever the stories are about and leave individual books behind, not even the most hardcore Batman fan's going to buy 11 comics a month unless they're loaded.

Seems to be Warner/DC's 2011 tie-up with Smallville finishing, the new Superman and Batman films and whatever big event they're planning for next year in print. All very interesting, but a big gamble unless all the established books are simply "Volume 2". Good to see some veteran artists like George Perez actually writing stories as well as illustrating one of the new Superman books.

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