Rock Shot (Devil's Third Successor, sort of)

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Rock Shot (Devil's Third Successor, sort of)

Postby Prey » Tue Jun 05, 2018 11:38 am

A new free to play early access game developed by former Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive developers...

RockShot: Build a Base. Defend your Territory. Dominate the Battlefield.
Forge a team of friends and renegades, attacking enemy bases together in raid mode, while designing your own base to give your enemies an explosive welcome! Bases can be customized and enlarged at will. The goal is simple: expand the borders of your territory and increase your sphere of dominance!
Epic Melee Action and Deadly Aerial Attacks
Cut your teeth and earn experience in many familiar game modes, while enjoying some less familiar fare involving chickens, melons and zombies in regularly rotating event game modes. Perfect your melee combos using your favorite toys from a wide range of weaponry, including katanas and “Flying Vanguard” electric guitars. Or go apocalyptic and pound your enemies with surgical airstrikes to earn additional fire power, outfits and items for your team base.
Key Features of RockShot

Dynamic third-person shooter
Competitive raid mode with expandable team bases
Regularly rotating PvP and PvE game modes
Massive arsenal of weaponry from katanas to airstrikes ... successor/
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