FarCry 5. Go Away Mini Map!

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Re: FarCry 5. Go Away Mini Map!

Postby can't think of one » Tue Apr 10, 2018 10:52 am

Here are my random thoughts. I Haven't completed the game yet but I can't be far off:

Good Stuff

Some of the side missions are great fun and they are not the same repetitive crap featured in the previous games (Look for Marvel guy for a good laugh)

I really like the AI companions. Sure at times they can be useless and do stupid things, for example, the guy with the plane I gave him a target and I wasn't watching him but I hear an explosion and suddenly he wasn't available for 15 minutes :lol: Other times they can be useful and I like the random conversations

The game is a decent length with a shit load of side missions and outposts

Bad Stuff

Not enough weapons! Sure there's a lot of them but most of them are recycled from 3 and 4.

Boss battles are boring and shite

No Desert Eagle! Apart from Primal, I think the desert eagle has featured in all of them!

As the others have mentioned getting dragged into the story is the worst part of the game and the fact that I have been captured and then escape/released 5-6 times is just fucking stupid


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