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Postby Lee » Wed May 30, 2018 3:35 pm

Chinese love to copy everything western so it was about time they got into the whole suing everyone malarkey too.

They have no one but themselves to blame for Fortnite taking the crown. Endless problems with hackers which a simple ping lock would have sorted the vast amount down to what you would see in other shooters normally, shitty netcode and constantly mucking around with the stuff that works to make it break. Removing the weather from the game (was showing who was cheating too easily in the fog). Adding in a map that is blessing for those cheating since it has much less cover and hence no one wants to really play on it compared to the other one. So slow in fixing things.

They've eventually added in events but that is RNG if it's a fun one or not. Also has bugs in it that annoy the shit out of you when it's a fun one to do.

They wasted a good thing by being completely lazy and ignoring the community for the above problems. Epic came in and listened and now is top dog. I don't like Fortnite, have tried to play it but hats off to Epic really.

I would love it Epic just turned around and said we revoke your Unreal engine license just to see the response :twisted:
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