Destiny 2 - (PC, XONE, PS4) September 2017

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Re: Destiny 2 - (PC, XONE, PS4) September 2017

Postby DjchunKfunK » Tue Jun 20, 2017 10:43 am

Sly Boots wrote:
Guessing you've read the RPS piece, then? :)

TBF the guy writing it said that he never played the first game except the demo, so he wouldn't have knowledge of the bigger picture stuff... though why they'd ask someone with no experience of the first game to write an impressions piece for the second, I don't know.

I'm still looking on with some interest, though, particularly if it can be played as a proper single-player experience.

There was a PC Gamer piece that was very similar the other day too.

I think even if you haven't played the original if you are into games to the level a games journalist is, you would know about the quality of the combat in Destiny.
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