IL2: FB anyone?

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IL2: FB anyone?

Postby MikeO » Sun Oct 19, 2003 9:03 am

has anyone played this game? I have it, but I have not installed it.. is it easy on the system? or does it require a great deal of power to see it how your supposed to?

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Postby hostilex » Sun Oct 19, 2003 1:05 pm

sticking the game up to full res, and full detail leaves you with easily one of the best lookng games around

but it is a bitch on the system. the engines scalable, so you can play it on lower end machines, but you have to expect a fair amount of slowdown if your machines not up to it

if you have the reccommended system, and you tone down some of the options, it should be fine
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Postby Gibby » Sun Oct 19, 2003 9:05 pm

The game is great, if not a little hard. The things that pisses me off are the ludicrously long load times.

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Postby Gunner » Sun Oct 19, 2003 9:13 pm

my mate has a p600, 128 mb ram, and a gf2 mx, and he could run it at a playable framerate.

athough it looked the dogs dinner, rahter than the dog bolloks.
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Postby Achtung Englander » Fri Oct 24, 2003 8:33 am

This is a superb game - far superior to the CFS series and gets the balance between realism and arcade perfectly.

If you want to you can play this on full realism with spins and stalls etc and you can then begin to appreciate the difficulty in flying these planes. Realism also includes fuel management, ventilator control and fuel injection take off, permanent HUD, no enemy indicator, weight ratio to fuel / bomb carriage affecting performance - the lot. With arcade just take off all realism aspects and its still very fun to play. If your chair was on hydraulics - you literally have a realistic sim - its that good.

Some people have criticised the game for being samey and long in flying time (until mission proper starts) but with all due respect its samey because its a flight sim set in WWII and no cannot see how else it can do different given that the game in campaign mode is actually trying to follow real historical events. The flight duration is bareable if you speed up time, put it autopilot, and enjoy the 40 sec - 90 sec flight.

The graphics are fantastic, the plane modelling superb and the weather effects excellent and it does not require a mean machine to do it all.

My own criticism is that I wanted more - more modelling of terrain, more ground modelling of buildings, more ground people (running away), more boats etc. Imagine what this game would be like if you could add the photo realism add ons that you can get for Flight Sim - then this game would truely be the dog's bollocks for WWII combat flight sim.
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