F1 2016

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F1 2016

Postby Wrathbone » Thu Sep 01, 2016 1:57 pm

Anybody playing this? I've not played the annual F1 games for a few years but this one got good reviews so I gave it a shot, and they've nailed it. It veers more towards simulation than arcade game than previous titles in the series have, but also remains accessible to racing turnips like me who like cars wot go fast round corners. The AI is more aggressive than I remember it being before, which is good, and after a few races I've found an ideal difficulty balance.

The racing can be intense. I did Spain yesterday, and even in a Mercedes with a variety of car setups and tyres doing what I thought were reasonable laps, the best I could qualify was 4th. In the race I got a good start and went past Vettel in 3rd, then followed Hamilton and Raikkonen round turns 1 and 2. On turn 3 they bumped wheels, and I took the opportunity to scrape past them into 1st. Hamilton got the undercut on me with his pitstop and took back 1st, and I was gaining on him until about 3 laps from the end when the tyres dropped off and Vettel began to creep into my mirrors. The last lap was crazy, with Vettel exchanging places with me every couple of corners, but I finally snagged 2nd place for the finish. In terms of replicating the feel of a close F1 race, it was spot on.
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Re: F1 2016

Postby gpa-gone-west » Thu Sep 01, 2016 5:11 pm

The last F1 game I played seriously was Geoff Crammand's F1GP-4 (I think). 2 was awesome, 3 & 4 had some really interesting stuff in it. Variable weather in 4. I have dabbled now and then, but for me, nothing comes anywhere near Mr Crammonds F1 games.
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