Armoured Warfare

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Armoured Warfare

Postby Lee » Mon Oct 12, 2015 2:53 pm

So couldn't find a topic on this from a quick search so delete this if there was one mods :)

Basic premise is World of Tanks but with up to date vehicles including wheeled as well as tracked ones. With some of the recent prototypes that some countries have been showing off. With a slice of base building and rpg elements since it's being made by Obsidian. Strange to see them do this I know :)

Had a few plays of it earlier and it's not to bad. Graphics are of course much improved over WOT and it handles and acts the same way in control schemes. Not played enough to really see the base building side to it that was just unlocked recently
You have PVP or PVE where in the latter you do sort of co-op missions against AI on maps. First one is a doddle but haven't been able to try the next one since you need a tier 4 vehicle to do it.

Did have a slight er what's the way to describe it. Weird feeling when targeting in 3rd person swinging the view around bit fish eye effect though I had it at first on 80 Fov.

It's currently open beta and all you need to do is head to sign up then grab the downloader. Took me a while last night to download it. Then on first launch of the game you can pick your username and try out the first 2 low tier vehicles.

Game is going the same way as World of Tanks so free to play with transactions for other stuff.
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