Stellaris: Paradox's new Sci-Fi strategy game

The strategy of playing ones role.
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Re: Stellaris: Paradox's new Sci-Fi strategy game

Postby Raid » Tue May 09, 2017 11:05 am

This is currently a mere $12 if you subscribe to this month's Humble Monthly (at which point you can immediately unsubscribe if you like).

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Re: Stellaris: Paradox's new Sci-Fi strategy game

Postby Mantis » Tue May 09, 2017 9:26 pm

Picked it up last week from CDkeys with the expansion for just under £30 for some multiplayer shenanigans and have really enjoyed it so far. I'm only just scratching the surface in terms of what's on offer, but there's a really relaxing vibe to be had just from the early and mid-game where you're still exploring the galaxy and colonising suitable planets.

In our epic multiplayer game things have been fairly peaceful for me thus far, aside from constant threats from a xenophobic species near my homeworld who call themselves the Death Bringers. Nothing to worry about though as every other AI civilization seems to hate them too so we've all formed pacts against them and they've already lost half their territory against one of the AIs. My friends haven't faired quite so well on the opposite side of the galaxy though, both of them built frontier outposts out towards the galactic edge and were promptly attacked by one of the super advanced fallen races known as The Shard. The combined damage to their empires has probably knocked them both back by a couple of hours of progress and led to the formation of the first galactic federation, aptly named Fuck The Shard, of which I am a distant benefactor sending credits and energy. I'd send ships to help, but my race of pointy eared xenophobic humanoids just want to be left alone and are more concerned with merging their consciousness with robots.

I am very much enjoying this game.


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