Crowfall- Throne War: A unique take on the MMO

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Crowfall- Throne War: A unique take on the MMO

Postby DjchunKfunK » Mon Mar 02, 2015 8:36 am

This is an interesting sounding MMO which seems to be trying to combat the age old problem of having a persistent world in which you have no real lasting impact. It does so by having two worlds, one which is permanent and one which lasts for a set period of time which means that you can actually 'win'. So there is actually an achievable goal.

PCGamer did a preview of it and it is currently looking for funds on Kickstarter, it has already passed it's original £800,000 goal in a pretty short time. ... and-again/ ... war-pc-mmo

As with any MMO that is Kickstarted you have to wonder how they will do given the usual cost of these types of games. However Shroud of the Avatar went down this route and seems to be coming along, so maybe it is possible to make an MMO this way. It is certainly an interesting take on the genre and as the developers state in the PCGamer article, it is almost impossible to make a unique MMO with publisher funding because you are always being compared to WoW. So perhaps this is the only way we will see the genre move on.
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