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Postby Snowy » Tue Jul 01, 2014 9:44 am

Don't know if anyone is interested in this one - it piqued my curiosity when it came out, and I had a moment of wallet-weakness last night and snagged it.

The premise is that it is an off-road simulator where your overarching aim is to run a logging operation.

The vehicles on offer are all old Soviet bloc trucks, from a Land Rover type affair through to a monstrous 8-wheeled behemoth, with various trucks in between.

When you start off, depending on which map you choose you will have one or more different starting trucks available to you, and most of the map obscured. The first order of business is to explore, opening up the map as well as finding the points of interest on it – the other trucks you will need, additional garage locations, the lumber supply and the lumber mill.

You need to find the other trucks in order to fulfil the different roles, as there is no one vehicle that does everything (so far as I have seen in my hour or so playing last night – more to come though). For example I found the 8-wheel monster last night, but on switching to it found it had no fuel. I needed therefore to drive the fuel transport to it in order to refuel it thereby making it a proper part of my growing arsenal. The Land Rover is handy for exploring, but is the easiest to get bogged down (getting stuck is a very real possibility) so something like the behemoth with a winch makes for an excellent rescue and recovery vehicle, as well as, I suspect, the one you will want to haul your lumber with, as virtually nothing stops it.

You then have 3 main obstacles, the first and main one being the landscape itself. You grind, slide and chew your way to where you are going, wheels sinking into the mud, tyres caked in the stuff, using your diff lock and all-wheel drive as needed to keep you moving and stop you just digging yourself into a rut. Second is your fuel meter – that locked diff and all-wheel drive pushes up your fuel consumption massively, so it is a balancing act of using what you need to keep moving while maximising how far you can get on your fuel load. Finally the damage meter – hitting rocks, trees, fording deep rivers, tipping off bridges, rolling your truck over, all cause you damage. Fill the damage meter and you are going nowhere and will need towing back or for a truck with a repair mechanism to come out to fix the other up. You can ‘recall’ back to your starting garage, but I am unsure if this costs you anything – the game is not quite feature complete at this stage.

The game looks fantastic, the ground deforms realistically as your tyres carve through it, saplings are crushed and larger trees bend and sway as you make contact, but the real treat is the water dynamics. The devs have really made water behave in a believable way – ford a river and the water discolours, flows believably around your truck, and pushes you in the direction that it is flowing.


Progress is slow, as you work to keep that forward momentum going, not sure if it is a downside as I suspect that is exactly how progress in a heavy truck through thick mud would be, but there you are. The Land Rover is nippier, but easy to tip if you aren’t careful and can be bogged down more easily.

The camera isn’t great either – you only have external views available at the moment (in-cockpit views coming in a future update) and sometimes the angle of your truck makes it difficult to see where you want to go, although generally it is fine – frustrating when it isn’t though. There is also no wheel support at the moment, just keyboard and mouse or gamepad, but to be honest the gamepad works fine.

Finally, and not really a downside but a consequence - getting stuck after grinding through the landscape for 20 minutes is fruastrating as hell, but then that is the challenge, and I have yet to feel that my getting stuck was not my own stupid fault that could have been avoided!

All said, mastering the environment is enjoyable, and for fans of off-roading or games like Euro Truck Simulator, I think there is a lot to like here.
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Re: Spintires

Postby Lee » Tue Jul 01, 2014 10:06 am

Aye it's looking like fun but I am waiting on the cabin view and a bit more added to it before snapping it up :)

I do love Mack and his mad rants go off in a completely different tangent to the game :lol:
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Re: Spintires

Postby JohnyHumf » Wed Jul 02, 2014 10:14 am

I think I'll pick it up in a couple of months. Whenever I go on a youtube wander I always end up in a part of it consisting of nothing but Russian trucks trying to get out of mud, so this suits me down to the ground.

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Re: Spintires

Postby Mogster » Mon Jul 14, 2014 8:39 am

Had this for a month or so, great fun if you like this sort of thing.

The environmental graphics and vehicle physics are amazing, I can't honestly say I thought I'd ever see water and deformable terrain like this in a sim. The vehicles are diverse and interesting, the tank transporters are absolute beasts.

On the downside the game cries out for cockpit view similar to ETS, you just can't drive accurately from arcade chase view. The camera's quite poor, its easy to end up looking the wrong way or with your view blocked. Once you're comfortable with the basic game mechanics of drive and winch and find the D class truck then the game becomes a bit too easy, even on hardcore mode. The only objective is hauling logs.

Worth getting if you're into the sim side of gaming, there's nothing else like it. I keep imagining a game like Stalker with these driving mechanics, I want to get out of truck and run around in this environment.

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