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Re: Star Citizen

Postby Lee » Thu Jun 21, 2018 3:28 pm

The way the game engine is tied to the network I don't think any GPU will be enough for anything above 30fps stable. Any video you see where it is smoother and with higher framerates is when they disabled the online side, which well defeats the whole mmo side to it.

No amount of tweaking the cryengine is going to fix that I reckon. It just sucks for what they wanted to do with it.
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Re: Star Citizen

Postby Jez » Thu Jun 21, 2018 5:53 pm

Raid wrote:Perhaps; all I know is that I could log in and download an alpha version a year or two back when I tried it. It's been so long (and I had so little invested anyway) that I won't care if I need to actually buy the game if it ever gets released. I'll happily buy Squadron 42 if that's a separate product, as I suspect it will be - from what little of it we've seen it looks like there's a lot of effort gone into it, and that sort of story-led space sim is a genre I want to encourage production of.

CIG in yet another crass monetary move decoupled the single player game from the mmo thing about a year ago. Used to be the case that you just bought "star citizen" and got both. Now they are separate games. Sadly for CIG them doing this has formed part of the legal wranglings they are having with CryEngine. Not by any means all of the wrangling but it is a significant part.

Haven't followed news on the game in some time now but I occasionally go into the mega thread on it over at Elite Dangerous forums general gaming sub section. There's a good series of videos produced by a one time mega backer of SC called "sunk cost galaxy" ...those are well worth watching and quite entertaining as well as being highly derivative towards the management of the game.


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