Eden Eternal

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Eden Eternal

Postby elgaucho » Mon Jun 27, 2011 5:13 pm

Is anyone here playing this?

Eden Eternal AD
Eden Eternal Main Page

Had a friend recommend it last week, and it seems a little cartoony, but fun enough for a few hours.

I've only levelled a character up to Level 8 as a mage, and so not really experienced the multi class system yet.

Any Class, Any Time
Tired of endlessly searching for a healer, or constantly dying because your party can’t find a tank? Fear no more! Every class is attainable, allowing players to freely switch between the classes that they have unlocked. As you progress through your journey, you will gain access to 15 different classes – from the classic warrior to the mystical shaman.

Raise the Roof
Land is at a premium, so claim your territory and become part of a vibrant community as you help your guild create and manage a bustling town. Fight your way through missions to earn the respect of master craftsmen, and if they’re impressed with your prowess, they’ll join your town as permanent residents.

Live and Let Dye
Step into the world of Eden Eternal and create a human hero – or perhaps something a little more wild! Choose your character race and customize your wardrobe using a versatile dye system that affects multiple aspects of your outfit. Search the world for rare and exotic dyes, or get your hands on more common colors in your hometown.

The Bigger They Are
Monsters are devious creatures, determined to take out even the most stalwart adventurers. Malicious beasts lurk in the bushes and underneath the ground, ready to ambush unwary travelers. From harmless jellyfish to two-story tall fire breathing dragons – strike hard and dismember monsters for rare treasures, or just bowl them over and kick ‘em while they’re down.

Fire! Fire! Fiiiiiiiire!

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