[4X Webgame] Neptune's Pride

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[4X Webgame] Neptune's Pride

Postby Bennus » Sat Feb 13, 2010 3:20 pm

Star system conquering, minimal 4X, played over the course of a week type game (ie. it takes ~12 hours real time to traverse star systems).



Rock, Paper, Shotgun wrote:The RPS battle of Neptune’s Pride treads steadily on. We’re reaching that late-1917 in WW1 period of exhaustion, and we’re still trying to work out how we’re going to write it up. However, to get a taste for it, here’s Quinns writing about it for Game Set Watch. He sums up the game so…

Neptune’s Pride is a game of two things:

#1: Intergalactic War
#2: Being a jerk

He’s not entirely wrong. Read more here.

You can give anything to anyone in Neptune's Pride. Handing over tech, cash, fleets or star systems happens at the push of a button. But here's the rub, and the reason the game works: There is no alliance button. There is no non-aggression pact button, or trade window. Everything you do, everything you agree on is a test of faith.

Just started my first game and I appear to be a race of space-faring tortoises. ^_^

Also can sign-in with a google/gmail account.

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